Valentine's Day

Y❤️UR way

This year create a day that feels good to you:


  • You're not going to do things because you think you should
  • You're going to create a day that generates love from the inside
  • You're not going to expect them to do anything except be there for you to love and appreciate
  • You're going to thank yourself for having your own back

This is a three day webinar course:

Day 1: February 10, 2 pm CST

We will talk about what Valentine's Day has been like for you in the past and what you believe it will be like again this year.

We'll talk about how you might create something different this year, something that feels good for you.

Day 2: February 11, 6 pm CST

We are going to talk about how you felt about your past Valentine's Day experiences, how you're expecting to feel this Valentine's and how you really want to feel about this day.

Day 3: February 12, 3:30 pm CST

We're going to talk about how you used to show up on Valentine's, how you're thinking of showing up this Valentine's, how you want to show up so that you can completely enjoy the day your way.

Day 3 Fun Bonus Creative Class: February 13, 10 am CST

Together we're going to do some art, let's make our own card to give!

You'll have to register to get details and your supply list!


If you can't make it to any of the courses, no worries, all registered participants will receive course replays.


Through this course you are going to create the Valentine's Day you want, your way. 


Because love feels way better than frustrated.